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Event Package

Suitable for you who need an organizer and planner for both online and hybrid event.


Full Recording

We provide full documentation for your online, hybrid, or offline events.

Lower Third

An animated name and title to make the speaker's identity noticeable.

Bumper Video

A short video that shows guest stars or keynote speakers. Perfect for your event introduction.

Custom Layout

A customized frame design to make your event visuals stand out even more.


Provide all the resources you need such as Show Director, LO, Usher, Operator, Soundman, etc.

Up To 1000 Online Audiences

Make your event available everywhere for everyone by boosting more online audiences.

Visual Equipment

Scale up your event with TV-looking visuals. We provide the best equipment for camcorder, LED TV, switcher, etc.

Audio Equipment

Guaranteed voice deliverable as we use the best equipment for speakers, mic, mixers, etc.

Venue Decoration

From flowers placing to stage design, decorate your venue to leave a festive impression for your event.

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We are young people who are always passionate, so we work wholeheartedly. We also maintain an inclusive environment where we can develop ourselves both professionally and personally.

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